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Z02 Prefab House space capsule bed hotel cabin modular prefab modular house contain container home folding tiny Capsule House


The capsule is a capsule mobile home, it is a house from the future, the appearance design is full of technology and science fiction-like feeling. The biggest feature is that it is not restricted by the terrain and can be moved to cliffside, forest, seaside, resorts, tourist attractions, etc. The capsule is placed in an optimal viewing position, lying on the bed or sitting on the viewing balcony to view the surrounding scenery and lighting, and opening the skylight at nightfall to enjoy the vastness of the stars and the starry sky, without worrying about the hot summer and cold winter, the interior of the capsule adds polyurethane The interior of the capsule is equipped with polyurethane insulation layer and electric floor heating, while central air conditioning, water heater, projector and whole house intelligent system.

Size 6500mm long,3200mm wide,3000mm high
product model Z004

Competitive Advantage

1. Modular prefabrication, standard production, improve operational efficiency and solve on-site problems

2. Simple foundation, unlimited terrain, deep into the scenic hinterland

3. Ecological and environmental protection, the whole installation and demolition, not to destroy a grass and a tree

4. Ultra-low energy consumption, environmental discharge, zero pollution to the environment

5. Movable, on-site lifting, convenient and quick, and packaged for occupancy

6. Metal skeleton, aluminum panel, integral bathroom, hollow Low-e tempered glass

7. Anti-quake, wind, cold, heat insulation, moisture, anti-corrosion, fire, waterproof


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