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Customizable, steel structure frame, color steel sealing board, tempered glass, kiosk


Kiosk is like a small house dedicated to the sale of goods kiosk, commonly used in the community convenience services, highway side of the sale of tea, and public places such as milk tea, water and other items for sale, water and food kiosks in the park and so on. Usually made of color steel, aluminum, or stainless steel panels, with different styles and sizes depending on the size of their own sites.

Place of Origin:Shanxi Xi'an
Brand Name:Zhentai Industry
Model Number:Customizable
Certification:AAA credit enterprise, safety production license, integrity supplier AAA, integrity management demonstration unit AAA, integrity entrepreneur, high-tech enterprise certificate, engineering quality pacesetter enterprise, construction industry enterprise qualification certificate, enterprise credit rating AAA, enterprise credit rating AAA, after-sales service certification five stars, responsibility credit evaluation AAAA, quality service integrity AAA, contract and trustworthiness AAA A kind of composite light steel structure wall, a kind of light steel house fast drainage device, a kind of light steel keel environmentally friendly kiosk, a kind of light steel keel fast connection device, a kind of waterproof device for assembled building
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Price:From 18000 RMB
Packaging Details:Wrap-around film
Delivery Time:30 days
Payment Terms:Sign the contract and pay the deposit first, and settle the final payment before leaving the factory
Kiosk parameters configuration
1Kiosk frame, support columnMade of welded galvanized sheet forming square pass
2Outside panel of kioskHigh quality galvanized sheet
3Kiosk baseThe bottom layer is angle steel frame, the middle is wooden board, the surface is high quality stainless steel plate
4Kiosk activity windowHigh quality plastic steel profiles
5Kiosk standard configurationFluorescent lamps, switches, sockets, concealed wiring
6Kiosk retrofitting deviceWorkbench, air conditioning rack, exhaust fan, earth leakage switch, drawer

Competitive Advantage

This product is a movable kiosk, beautiful and solid, fast installation and supply, professional manufacturers, long life, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, no discoloration, no deformation; heat insulation and heat preservation, rainproof, good sound insulation, a variety of colors and styles, size specifications and different materials can be customized according to customer needs


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