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Mobile toilets are made of steel welded into a frame type structure, generally the bottom is made of channel steel or I-beam welded, and the columns are made of square steel. Wall materials are installed on the basis of the walls, including color steel plates, fiberglass, stainless steel, metal carved panels, etc. The frame type mechanism can meet the lifting demand and can be moved Norway lifting, so it is called mobile toilet. In itself does not have mobility. It is the opposite of the traditional fixed toilet. Compared with traditional toilets, the advantages are very obvious. Mobile toilets can be divided into water-free packing type, ordinary flushing type, high-pressure gas flushing type, foam blocking type, microbial degradation type, and water recycling treatment type according to the sewage treatment method. Mobile toilets are not restricted by any working environment, with light structure and reasonable color matching. It is suitable for railway station, wharf, tourist attraction, villa area, new district, large construction site, square, densely populated public place and busy commercial street, etc. Mobile public toilets have the advantages of being movable, combinable and convenient for transportation.

Quantity(sets)1 - 1>1
Lead time (days)15To be negotiated
SIZE 1200mm X 1500 mm
MATERIALGalvanlized Steel Frame

Competitive Advantage

1. Highly movable, thus avoiding the waste of resources caused by house demolition.

2. Various treatment methods can be adopted according to the limitations of the use environment.

3. Small footprint, compared with traditional toilets, mobile toilets greatly save land area, catering to the current situation of land tension.

4. Beautiful and generous, on the basis of ensuring the practicality, pay attention to the importance of aesthetics, and become a scenery line of tourist attractions, parks and communities.

5. In the construction of a great saving of manpower, material and financial resources, the construction of traditional toilets usually need to go through the site selection, purchase of materials, construction, completion, put into use, etc., and mobile toilets are manufacturers of finished products, direct installation can be used.


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