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Customizable, steel structure, assembly type integrated house, light steel villa


Light steel villa is mainly an assembled building made of light steel keel as the main material, with additional exterior and interior wall decoration, heat and sound insulation materials, assembled by the manufacturer and on site. Light steel keel is light in self-weight, under the same strength of earthquake. Take a 100 square meters light steel structure house as an example, it is less stressed than an ordinary concrete structure house of the same area, so the foundation is usually shallow, which not only can meet the requirements for seismic resistance, but also can reduce the damage to the foundation. The construction speed is fast, from material to site assembly to villa completion, the general time spent in about a month, and the prefabricated level is relatively high, indoor and outdoor decoration are integrated, so in the light steel 100 square meters price because of its technical requirements are relatively high, the current factory price of light steel moldings is also on the high side, but it is worth noting that if carefully maintained, the effective life can reach 90 years.

Place of Origin:Shanxi Xi'an
Brand Name:Zhentai Industry
Model Number:Customizable
Certification:AAA credit enterprise, safety production license, integrity supplier AAA, integrity management demonstration unit AAA, integrity entrepreneur, high-tech enterprise certificate, engineering quality pacesetter enterprise, construction industry enterprise qualification certificate, enterprise credit rating AAA, enterprise credit rating AAA, after-sales service certification five stars, responsibility credit evaluation AAAA, quality service integrity AAA, contract and trustworthiness AAA A kind of composite light steel structure wall, a kind of light steel house fast drainage device, a kind of light steel keel environmentally friendly kiosk, a kind of light steel keel fast connection device, a kind of waterproof device for assembled building.
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Price:From 168000 RMB
Packaging Details:Wrap-around film
Delivery Time:30 days
Payment Terms:Sign the contract and pay the deposit first, and settle the final payment before leaving the factory

Competitive Advantage

1、New experience: subversive technological innovation, building a new building experience, safer, more comfortable, faster, more environmentally friendly.

2, ecological and environmental protection: assembly construction process, basically using dry work, reduce construction waste and construction noise, construction materials environmental protection, to ensure no harm to human body, no pollution to the environment, 70% of construction materials can be recycled.

3、Safety and durability: The main body adopts double-sided hot-dip galvanized 275g/㎡ high-strength cold-rolled steel plate, the structural life of the structure can reach more than 70 years, the light steel keel structural members and structural plates form a "skin effect", greatly enhancing the ability to resist horizontal and vertical loads, the main body is assembled with bolts and closely connected with the foundation to form a whole, seismic The main body is assembled by bolts and connected with the foundation to form a whole, so it can reach 9 degrees of protection and resist 12 grade wind.

4、Heat insulation: The composite exterior wall and roof are equipped with continuous heat insulation layer, and the hollow glass heat insulation doors and windows are selected to reduce the heat transfer coefficient, and the unique ventilation wall (roof) design with ventilation interlayer inside can effectively reduce the heat load of the maintenance structure and greatly improve the heat insulation performance.

5, sound insulation and noise reduction: light steel assembly building walls filled with sound insulation materials can effectively absorb sound and reduce noise, to ensure the tranquility of the house and the privacy of each room, elephant house wall sound insulation > 50 decibels, floor sound insulation > 50 decibels (non-knocking sound source).

6、Waterproof and moisture-proof: the building roof adopts self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, which can effectively eliminate the common disease of house leakage, and the composite wall adopts breathing paper inside, so the water vapor from outside cannot enter and the moisture inside can be discharged, which plays the role of moisture-proof and waterproof.

7, high quality and fast: the building components are assembled by the factory standardized production, the precision can reach millimeter level, the building quality is guaranteed, the building construction only needs to assemble the standardized components, the construction cycle can be shortened by more than 1/2 compared with the traditional building.

8, beautiful and practical: light steel buildings are suitable for American, Chinese, modern, wooden houses and other styles, beautiful shape, widely used, the thickness of the enclosure wall of light steel buildings is only 14-20cm, the use of building area can be increased by more than 10% compared to concrete structure buildings.

9、Equipment compatibility: Light steel assembly building applies digital design, reasonable placement of equipment and pipeline arrangement in the design stage, the use of composite walls, flexible pipeline arrangement, can be well compatible with a variety of integrated equipment.


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