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What's the Space Capsule House? What's the difference between it and normal house?

Publish Time: 2023-11-02 Views: 36

As an innovative product, the space capsule house is designed to be energy saving, environmental friendly, affordable and sustainable prefab structure that can go nearly anywhere and be used at any situation.

Now it is widely used as Wild Luxury Hotel, Camping Theme Park, Wild Private Cabin, etc.

The space capsule house using the steel frame as the foundation, aluminum decorative panel, 100mm polyurethane insulation layer+extruded board and vacuum glass are applied to exterior structure. The internal decoration use premium wood grain lock floor, and all-in-one board as wall and ceiling. Whole house integrated intelligent control system provide a simple life style and security alarm and smart access door guarantee the user’s safety.

The container is made of light steel frame and equipped with a lightweight enclosure system that meets functional requirements. The house can be repeatedly disassembled and installed. It has a design life of not less than 50 years and is usually used as a temporary building. It can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom and large space to meet the needs of construction site ,barracks, field operations camps, municipal resettlement houses and various commercial buildings; currently our products are widely used in Europe, the US, Southeast Asia, Mexico and etc.

1. Ready-to-use product, no installation needed.

2. Can be used at nearly everywhere.

3. Good fire-proof, water-proof and seismic resistance.

4. Low power consumption

5. Upgrade for interior space available


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