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The new mobile home launches the "Silent Cabin" and is discussing cooperation with Thai customers again

Publish Time: 2024-05-15 Views: 2

Zhentai soundproof cabin is a flexibly placed soundproof private space that can be moved anddisassembled multiple times. Widely used in offices, musical instruments, education and training, webcasting and other fields.

Our booth structure consists of supporting frame madefrom aerospace-grade aluminum profiles. Aluminumhoneycomb panels and tempered glass, which you can findin high speed rail train. Allaluminum materials arefireproof, no odor and stable, so that it reaches the flameretardant andenvironmental protection requests. AcousticPET panel for interior wall and ceiling, and nyloncarpet onthefloor,which reachestheacousticenvironment requests.

Expand new products into the Thai market and discover distributors, commercial agents andpartners in the country.

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